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    What are the Best Mosquito Repellents Available?

    As pesky, annoying, BITING mosquitoes begin to hatch this summer, thoughts turn to how to keep our families safe.  The most effective way to ensure that we do not get bitten by backyard mosquitoes is to prevent them from coming in contact with us. Insect Repellents When you need to be outside in untreated areas...
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    Where Are All These Backyard Mosquitoes Coming From?

    Where are all these mosquitoes in my yard coming from?  I don’t have any woods or marshes nearby. Or, my city, town, municipality already treats for them, but it doesn’t work….We hear these comments almost daily in the summer, so where ARE those mosquitoes coming from?  A huge source for backyard mosquitoes in northern Indiana...
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    Why We Need Mosquito Control

    The emergence and spread of West Nile Virus may have been the first in a series of exotic diseases imported due to the worldwide increase in eco-tourism and international air travel. Malaria, Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya Virus, dengue fever, and Zika Virus are but a plane flight away, and public health officials at all levels...
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    How to Prevent Floodwater Mosquitoes in Indiana

    Recent tropical storms such as those in Texas and Florida can produce millions of pesky mosquitos as well as spread disease in an already terrible situation. The recent hurricanes produced unprecedented flooding in widespread areas. Critical areas such as marshes, which are a perfect environment for breeding, become excellent breeding grounds for m...
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    Best Mosquito Repellents

    As those pesky, annoying, BITING mosquitoes are reaching epic numbers this Summer due to all the rain we’ve had followed by hot temps at the end of July, thoughts turn to how to keep our families safe. The most effective way to ensure that we do not get bitten by mosquitos is to prevent them...
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    West Nile Found Early This Year in Indiana

    A map from the Indiana State Department of Health shows as of June 23, there have been 2 confirmed positive human cases of West Nile in Indiana. One case is Lake County and one in Hamilton County. In addition the following counties have mosquito populations that have tested positive for West Nile virus: Tippecanoe, Morgan,...
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    Do Mosquito Barrier Treatments REALLY Work?

    According to the American Mosquito Control Association, Barrier and Residual Adulticides are very effective against adult mosquitoes. “Residual spraying is used when a longer-term effect is required. Mosquitoes must land on a surface deposit of the insecticide to absorb a toxic dose. Residual sprays often are referred to as barrier or surface treat...
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    My Gutters Are Breeding Mosquitoes!?

    In a word, YES! Home gutters are one of the most common breeding locations for backyard mosquitos. If you’ve followed the advice to make sure that the following areas are not holding water, than your gutters may be the culprit for your failure to kill the mosquitoes in your yard. Get rid of old tires,...