Do Mosquito Barrier Treatments REALLY Work?

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According to the American Mosquito Control Association, Barrier and Residual Adulticides are very effective against adult mosquitoes. “Residual spraying is used when a longer-term effect is required. Mosquitoes must land on a surface deposit of the insecticide to absorb a toxic dose. Residual sprays often are referred to as barrier or surface treatments.

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Because the treated areas are generally small, handheld devices, such as a backpack mist blower or compression sprayer, are employed. The insecticide is applied at a concentration lethal enough so that a mosquito landing on the treated vegetation will absorb a sufficient amount of the active ingredient to cause mortality.
Barrier treatments can provide control for weeks depending on the insecticide formulation. These applications are primarily conducted with synthetic pyrethroids and applied to vegetation, unmovable large containers, external walls of homes and sheds, and fences in residential backyards.”*

Barrier treatments are most effective for residential use in smaller areas as opposed to community-wide mosquito control. They are effective against mosquitoes and ticks even if your yard is the only one in the neighborhood being treated.

Barrier sprays offer a three pronged attack against adult mosquitoes. First, they will kill any adult mosquitoes present on the property at the time of treatment. Second, a barrier spray treatment will continue to kill adult mosquitoes for up to four weeks as they continue to enter your backyard and land on your foliage. Finally, most companies use a product against mosquitoes that acts as a repellent at well in that mosquitoes prefer NOT to cross the barrier created around the perimeter of the yard so will seek targets in surrounding areas.



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