How to Prevent Floodwater Mosquitoes in Indiana

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Recent tropical storms such as those in Texas and Florida can produce millions of pesky mosquitos as well as spread disease in an already terrible situation. The recent hurricanes produced unprecedented flooding in widespread areas. Critical areas such as marshes, which are a perfect environment for breeding, become excellent breeding grounds for millions of mosquitos. In fact, if conditions are right, there can be up to 8 million mosquitos per acre!

During Hurricane Allen in 1980 there were so many mosquitos that dozens of cattle died due to blood loss. It was estimated that it would take almost 4 million bites over 12 hours to kill a full grown animal! Fortunately now the states are prepared for these infestations and take immediate measures to curb the assault of these flying syringes. The floodwater is treated with a larvacide that will kill the mosquitos in the larval stage. These products are environmentally safe and very effective. In addition the flooded areas will be fogged either with aerial application or ground based ULV foggers. The people in these areas have already suffered tremendous hardships and with the aid of large scale mosquito control they won’t have to worry about suffering through a large scale infestation.

In our area here in Indiana we shouldn’t suffer through such large scale devastation. However, during heavy rains we can have huge hatches of mosquitos which can be localized to very small areas where flooding has occurred. Treatment is the same for these small, localized events as for widespread flooding. Treat the water with larvacide and fog surrounding areas with adulticides keeping our neighbors mosquito free.

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