We offer a range of services from one time mosquito control in your back yard, to an all-season multi-acre sight control!

Residential Services

Your children, pets, and you will never have to suffer through another itchy, stinging, mosquito bite again, thanks to the affordable, effective, and dependable mosquito control from Indiana Mosquito Busters!

  • One Time Mosquito Treatment
  • Seasonal Mosquito Control
  • Neighborhood Mosquito Control

Commercial Services

Whether your commercial property is a business or a resort, at Indiana Mosquito Busters we understand your need to protect your customers and employees.

  • Commercial Mosquito Control

Special Event Services

We cover Graduations, Weddings, Receptions, BBQ's, picnics and whatever event needs protection from mosquitoes! Don't let your outdoor event be inconvenienced by swarms of ravenous mosquitoes!

  • Pre-Event Site Treatment
  • Week-of-Event Mosquito Control Guarantee

Larvacide & Ticks

We offer services for dealing with Mosquito Larvae and Ticks! We promise to significantly redce the presence of ticks and mosquito larvae with our effective service!

  • Mosquito Larvacide Service
  • Tick Control Service