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    John & Bev Paseka

    Absolutely fantastic service, no mosquitos, but safe! We still have bees and butterflies. It works!...
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    James G – Goshen, IN

    After the severe flooding in February, 2018, and the spring rain that followed, the low ground near my house refused to drain or dry out. My wife and I were walking our dogs in long sleeve shirts and pants to hide from the mosquitoes despite it being 90 degrees and humid. Eventually we gave up...
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    Richard E. Miller – Peru, IN

    I have 2.5 Acres and I have been impressed with the bug control of this company. I have been with them the last 2 years....
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    Tim Robertson

    “Went from getting eaten alive outside to a bug free backyard.  Also safe for use around pets which is a big plus for us....
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    Jen Huzvar – Westfield, IN

    We had so many mosquitos that we couldn’t enjoy sitting on our deck. Thanks to Indiana Mosquito Busters we are back outside enjoying the warm weather again....
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    Marty Pavilonis

    I tried Mosquito Squad last year and it worked ok for my party however when I had a problem with mosquitoes in less than 3 weeks  they would not call me back and when I finally talked to the manager he blew me off. So I have been working with Mosquito busters for a couple...
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    Bryan Murphy – Akron, IN

    I couldn’t believe the difference.  I didn’t think it could be done as we are surrounded by woods and I am able to be in my pool and enjoy it. Thanks Indiana Mosquito Busters!...
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    Steve K. – Lake Tippecanoe

    I’ve got Indiana Mosquito Busters treating several of my properties at Lake Tippecanoe and am enjoying the summer at the lake more than ever!...
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    Mike DeWitt – Lake Wawasee, IN

    I don’t know how Indiana Mosquito Busters does it, but I no longer have to sweep mosquitos off my deck every morning like I did when I had a misting system!...
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    Thomas B. – Warsaw, IN

    Thanks to Indiana Mosquito Busters, we love being in our yard now.  No mosquitos to bite the baby!...

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