Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Responsible And Proactive Businesses Protect Their Exterior Spaces With Exceptional And Proven Mosquito Eradication And Control

Owning a business comes with its fair share of responsibility, and protecting those that are on your premises is a big part of that.

Whether your commercial property is a business or a resort, at Indiana Mosquito Busters, we understand your need to protect your customers and employees. And eliminating the nuisance and dangers of bloodthirsty mosquitoes is a part of that.

Effective mosquito eradication, control, and prevention is all about knowing where to start.

Start Your Mosquito Control Regimen Right Here, Right Now, With Our Commercial Abatement System From Indiana Mosquito Busters

Our Commercial Mosquito Control protection is more than just a barrier or a repellent. Our focus is ridding your exterior areas of annoying mosquitoes and the many dangers they can bring.

It puts an end to mosquitoes that threaten your business environment and harass your clients, guests, and employees. Our commercial Mosquito Abatement System is hassle-free and effective all season long.

Imagine Your Outdoor Spaces And Peripheral Access Areas With One Less Thing To Worry About

From corporate campuses and industrial parks to campgrounds and property management groups, the acclaimed Integrated Mosquito Abatement program from Indiana Mosquito Busters keeps your people out of harm’s way from dealing with mosquitoes and all the residual problems they bring.

While providing maximum effectiveness against the dangers and nuisance of mosquitoes, our mosquito control products are EPA-registered and applied by licensed and trained technicians according to product label guidelines.

Nontoxic around your customers, including their children and pets, our treatments won’t harm the environment either. The result? You will have satisfied customers who tend to linger longer when not chased away by the annoyance of buzzing, biting, pesky mosquitos and you’ll have peace of mind, too. It’s simply the right thing to do.

Proven Effectiveness In Mosquito Control For Business

Our unique service has been proven to reduce mosquito populations in treated areas by 90%, and more, in less than a week! With monthly service, your business will be protected all season long.

Here is how our Commercial Mosquito Abatement Program works:

1. One of our State-Certified Mosquito Abatement Technicians will visit your campus and perform a comprehensive site assessment.

2. Based on those findings and discovery, Indiana Mosquito Busters will develop a thorough site plan specific for your business’ Mosquito Abatement Regimen.

3. Our expertly trained and highly qualified mosquito eradication technicians will come out once a month during the prime mosquito seasons from May through September, to treat your property ensuring season-long control of mosquitoes.

On A Monthly Basis, Here Is What Mosquito Control Measures You Can Expect And Rely On

Once your mosquito exposure site assessment is complete, we will treat all the areas where mosquitoes, and their larvae, are found.

We will treat areas of standing water and areas that retain water after a rain. This is significant as it only takes 1 tablespoon of water to breed hundreds of mosquitoes – a true and startling statistic.

Next, Indiana Mosquito Busters will treat all of the foliage within and around your facilities, as well as along the perimeter of your campus and the lawn and landscape areas in between.

This concentrated and thorough application of mosquito control will continue every month to retreat and ensure maximum effectiveness for you, your residents and your customers.

Proactively, our Indiana Mosquito Busters technical team will thoughtfully work with you on dependable and proven recommendations for eliminating or minimizing potential mosquito breeding grounds on your campus.

Our Mosquito Control Business Heritage Is Founded On Proven Dependability And Success

When considering your mosquito control options, it is important to know and remember that Indiana Mosquito Busters is the area’s oldest company specializing in Integrated Mosquito Abatement programs.

Mosquito control and eradication is our only focus – our only business. It is not an add-on to another maintenance service like landscaping maintenance. And that strategic focus and commitment is what our success is based on.

All of our Mosquito Control Technicians are State-Certified for your protection and diligently overseen by Category-8, Community-Wide Mosquito Control Certified Supervisors. Simply put, at Indiana Mosquito Busters, we comprehensively know mosquitoes and how to prevent and eliminate them.

The Indiana Mosquito Busters Bonus – We Eradicate And Control Ticks, Too

Especially significant for commercial properties surrounded by tall grass and areas that typically retain moisture, our mosquito control technologies and treatments eliminate ticks and the dangers they pose.

This is important for commercial property owners to know as ticks feed on human and animal blood, and they can transfer bacteria and other pathogens into their hosts when they feed, causing disease.

The most common of these tick-transmitted illnesses is Lyme disease, associated with the deer tick, or black-legged tick, present in the East and northern Midwest. Ricketts, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and tularemia can also be spread by ticks. There’s also been evidence that the bite of a lone star tick can trigger a person’s immune system to develop an allergy to red meat, known as Alpha Gal Syndrome. That would mean that person might never be able to enjoy beef, pork, lamb, or venison without complications ever again – a serious concern for many.

Stop ticks in their tracks with the comprehensive pest control protection of Indiana Mosquito Busters. We encourage you to contact us at  574-527-8852 or click here. 

Craig Whitman, owner Indiana Mosquito Busters