Week Of Mosquito Control Guarantee

When Indiana Mosquito Busters Says That Our Pre-Event Site Treatment Is Guaranteed To Eliminate Mosquitoes, We Put Our Money Where Our Promise Is

In a world where promises and guarantees may be fleeting, and do not live up to their promised expectations, here’s one guarantee you can depend on.

Your special outdoor event will not be invaded by the nuisance, buzzing, and annoyance of having your guests deal with mosquitoes. Period.

In the unlikely event that they appear onsite the week of the event after it has been treated with our two-step application protection formula, you will receive your money back.

That means that your celebration will not be impeded by mosquitoes throughout Lake James, Lake Wawasee, Hamilton Lake, Winona Lake, Tippecanoe Lake, and Syracuse Lake, as well as adjacent areas where our State-Certified Public Health Specialists have protected the outdoor event area.

When It Comes To Ironclad Guarantees, Here Is One That You Can Totally Depend On

The Indiana Mosquito Busters Ironclad Guarantee:

 If you are unsatisfied with the protection outcome delivered with our two-step Pre-Event Site Treatment application protection formula, you will receive your money back. Guaranteed. Just contact us for a full refund, with our apologies.

The Proof Is In What’s Not There Anymore – Mosquitoes

Our residential and commercial mosquito protection clients swear by the peace of mind Indiana Mosquito Busters brings. Here is just a sampling of our 5 Star Reviews:

 “Excellent customer service and stellar results! Your team is a pleasure to work with, and their product works as advertised. I was unable to enjoy the late evening in the backyard with my family before I called Indiana Mosquito Busters...now I'm hooked for life. Thanks for the excellent treatment!”

 “Excellent customer service and reasonable price.”

 “There were so many mosquitos at our home that we were not able to be outdoors after about 5:00 pm. I called Indiana Mosquito Busters to ask for a quote, got on the schedule, and within 3 days they sprayed our entire property, putting an end to the mosquito invasion. Since that time we have not seen a single mosquito.”

 “We went from getting eaten alive outside to a bug free backyard. Also safe for use around pets which is a big plus for us.”

 “We had so many mosquitos that we couldn't enjoy sitting on our deck. Thanks to Indiana Mosquito Busters we are back outside enjoying the warm weather again.”

 “The treatment really works. After application no bites and we live next to a swamp along the river.”

“Your yard will be mosquito free! Your family and guests will thank you.”

Find Out What The Praise And Acclaim Is All About – Connect With The Finest, Most Dependable Mosquito Control There Is

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Craig Whitman, owner Indiana Mosquito Busters