Gutter Cleaning Service

My Gutters Are Breeding Mosquitoes?!

In a word, YES! Home gutters are one of the most common breeding locations for backyard mosquitos. If you can’t find any other standing water in your yard, then your gutters may be the culprit for all those pesky mosquitoes in your yard.

Be sure to check your gutters regularly for accumulated debris from surrounding trees and shrubbery. If leaves, flowers, or seed pods are clogging your gutters remove them and rinse the gutters out with your garden hose. Do this at least 2X per year.

But, I have gutter guards up you say! Unfortunately this does not make your gutters completely maintenance free. While most brands do an excellent job of keeping leaves, pods, and sticks out of your gutter, if you have a shingle roof you can still get debris from the shedding of the coating on the shingles building up in your gutters and causing them to retain water. Keep in mind, hundreds of mosquitoes can breed in just a few tablespoons of water so it only takes a wee bit of water to create a mosquito breeding haven in your gutters.

Finally, particularly if you live in an older home, have your gutters checked for areas that have sagged over the years (either just from age or the loss of a gutter spike). Remember even a small amount of water standing in your gutters will cause a huge influx of backyard mosquitoes. The solution for this is again to flush your gutters out a couple of times a year using a garden hose.

Indiana Mosquito Busters is now offering Gutter Cleaning Services. We can come out in the Fall and get your gutters ready for winter and/or come out in the Spring and clear your gutters for Summer. Give us a call today 574-527-8852 to schedule your Gutter Cleaning!