Residential Mosquito Control Treatments generally take less than 20 minutes and the application is dry and your family and pets may return to the yard after 30 minutes.

One time treatment: Starting at $129

Seasonal contractStarting at $459

Damien--The Mosquito Guy

Damien–The Mosquito Guy

One time mosquito treatment:

We come out and treat your yard one time with professional grade mosquitocide eliminating up to 90% of mosquitoes.  Full cost of treatment will be applied if you decide to purchase a full season package.

  • Up to 1 acre — $129.00
  • Up to 2 acre — $179.00
  • Over 2 acre  — by quote (larger areas serviced by motorized equipment)






Seasonal Mosquito Control:

Packages include properties up to one acre. Larger lots by quote.

  • Summer/Lake Service: $459.00

4 treatments throughout the mosquito season

  • Premium Summer Service: $659.00

6 treatments throughout the mosquito season

With any of our services we will treat any standing water with larvacide at no additional cost.